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Your Unsold Ad Inventory Can Make a Real Difference
For the Children in Our Community

As we all know, supplies are key to our children’s learning.

As school budgets become even tighter, teachers and schools have even less access to the supplies our students need to have a rewarding classroom experience, to explore their potential, and to excel.

We hope you will help spread the word about how we can change that., an exciting new nonprofit website, lets us join forces to get the supplies students need to succeed.

ClassWish makes it simple.

Here’s how it works:

  • Visitors view Wish Lists from their favorite schools and teachers.
  • They see exactly what is needed and how they can help.
  • They contribute toward whichever items they find most meaningful.
  • Contributions are tax-deductible, and ClassWish emails a receipt.
  • Many companies match employee donations, and that can double the impact.
  • ClassWish sends the items directly to the school.

The result? Classrooms are filled with the supplies students need. We get to fund the things we care about. And all of us are united in helping our children learn, grow and perform at their best.

Your Help In Spreading the Word

Your contribution of unsold ad inventory for our PSA banners would help get word of this opportunity to parents, neighbors, alumni, local businesses and others who care about helping our children learn. These PSAs will also show your support for what may be everyone’s favorite cause: the education of all our children.

To learn more, please visit

To see our selection of banners, please see or see the banners available on every school and Wish List page.