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Teachers face it every day: lack of funding and continued devastating budget cuts leave few schools with the supplies teachers need to help children explore their potential and excel.

Too often, dedicated teachers end up spending hundreds of dollars of their own money on classroom materials each year, and it’s still not enough., an exciting new nonprofit, offers a simple alternative:

  • Teachers visit the site to create a Wish List of the things they need to equip great classrooms, as easily as shopping online.
  • ClassWish helps attract parents, alumni, local businesses and other potential supporters to see exactly what is needed and to inspire their help.
  • Contributions are tax-deductible and we provide a receipt.
  • ClassWish sends the supplies directly to teachers at the school.

The result? Teachers get the support they need. Parents and communities are engaged in supporting classrooms and funding the things they care about. And everyone is united in helping our children learn, grow and perform at their best.

See how easy it is to get the things you need at: