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Hello Community, My name is Dorin Matthews and Sylvia Hooper and we are the founders of a new nonprofit organization called Foster Parent Advocacy Foundation Inc. We advocate for foster parent and children in the foster care system.Their are 16,000 children active in fostercare right now as we speak.These children face alot of obstacles and challenges because fostercare agencies are not providing the adequate services for these children to thrive.We need your help to support our cause to advocate for foster parents and children. If your interested please contact us.

Dorin Matthews,MSW

Executive Director

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We have a internship program called small talk big issues for youths. youths get involved with community issues such as foster care.They use social media to get the word out about how fostercare effects youths. They go out in the community and talk to the people bout these issues and how they can get involved by lobbying for policy changes,volunteering to become a advocate or donating to the cause. get involved now become a advocate.

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