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Sadly, most schools don’t have the supplies and equipment kids need to succeed. Click "Find Your School" on the main menu to see how our social media campaign can help the kids you care about.


Our Vision

Devastating budget cuts leave schools without the resources students need to succeed. ClassWish is the only nonprofit that lets people contribute to fund any K-12 school or teacher in the country. We help educators and schools get the supplies they need for their students to excel.

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Provide Any Type of Resources
ClassWish lets anybody help students get any type of resources: art supplies, books, musical instruments, science equipment, sports equipment, computers, special-ed resources, etc. >
Better Fundraising Sales
Fundraising merchandise sales generate funds for schools, but they have traditionally been too much work and too inefficient. ClassWish offers a much easier, more generous, and more flexible version. >
Support Any School
Only ClassWish lets visitors help provide resources for any public, private, or parochial K-12 school in the country, day care center, after-school program, community college, or youth nonprofit. >
Gift Cards Generate Donations
You can help kids whenever you shop at hundreds of stores. No other scrip gift card program makes it so easy and lets you support any school, classroom, team, band, or student activity. >
Support Any Educator
Only ClassWish provides infinite choice. Help any teacher, student teacher, coach, administrator, librarian, band leader, PTA/PTO leader, school nurse, or guidance counselor at any school get needed resources. >
Help Kids When You Shop Online
Earn donations to help kids whenever you shop online at thousands of stores. No other online shopping program is nearly as generous, funds so frequently, and lets you support any school or even any teacher. >
The Most Efficient Solution
ClassWish is the most efficient way to support schools, teachers, and students. We charge no fees; contributions are tax-deductible; and more than 16,000 companies match employees’ donations to double—or even triple—their funding. >
Stores Donate When You Shop
Our new loyalty program will let you earn donations to help the schools you care about when you shop at local stores. Please share this with store owners in your community. >


And teachers are getting the support they need
"This nonprofit is a swift and inventive way for communities to unit in support of the tools that make learning more accessible for all students."
Nancy Pelz-Paget
- Director, Aspen Institute
"Classwish helps teachers get the supplies that are essential for children to get a great education."
Sarah Brown Wessling
- 2010 National Teacher of the Year
Many teachers are already receiving donations through ClassWish.org. So can the teachers at your school.


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